Monday, November 11, 2013

A nice trip to Oxford

Although London itself has plenty to see , if you are spending a season either as a tourist or on business or study , we recommend that you give a walk through the town of Oxford , home of the university with the same name .

The oldest university in England (believed to be operating from the eleventh century ) and one of the most prestigious along with its arch -rival Cambridge , does not work as we used in Spain , but a kind of confederation of universities , ie , for " Colleges " independent with regard to admission of students , the accommodation of these and its administration. Although we will not bore you explaining this in detail , if we will mention you if you visit Oxford will dazzle the architecture of the buildings that make up colleges, most of all Gothic style (so it is called the "city of spiers " ) , museums , namely :

    The Ashmolean Museum, dedicated to Egyptian art , classical , oriental and European , which is considered the oldest in the country.
    The Oxford and the Oxford Museum Store, on the history of the university and the city .
    The University Museum of Natural History , dedicated to natural history ( as the name implies ) . Y
    The Pitt Rivers Museum on archeology and paleontology.

But beyond that , any tourist will enjoy the village itself , incredibly picturesque, with its two-story houses ( if you travel season will see them all decorated with flowers) and charming shops .
Travelling from London to Oxford is quite simple, because it is a distance of only 92 km:

    By car take the M40 , although we do not recommend they find trouble parking .
    By bus , buses run 24 hours a day from Victoria Station .
    By train : You take on Paddington Station to Oxford in under an hour.
    By subway : the Oxford Tube takes you half an hour.

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